Very Merry Christmas

We had a fantastic Christmas! We've really had the perfect blend of extended family time and time with the 4 of us. We've enjoyed Paul having some time off from work. We've had lots of fun playing with new toys, reading new books, competing on Guitar Hero and spending lots of lazy days together. We've even gotten to sleep in a few days. School starting back up is going to be a shock for some of us! It's times like these that I feel so incredibly blessed. We have amazing kids, we have families that are loving and healthy, we have everything we need. We have an amazing God who became human in order that we might know Him better. We are truly singing Joy to the World and looking forward to a bright 2009.


No Adoption News

Lots of you have been asking lately if we have any new news. We do not. Our paperwork has been active in Ethiopia for 1 month. We are waiting for a phone call letting us know there is a child for us. When that call comes, the ball will begin rolling again. Until then, we wait. We know that there are 4 families "ahead" of us "in line". Several families were matched with kids a few weeks ago, but they were all infants or girls; so our "line" didn't move any.

While we talk about #3 often, and the changes that are SO CLOSE to becoming SO REAL, we're really very much at peace with God's timing. What will be, will be, and there's not anything we can do at this point to speed things along. So we wait! The basement remodel is wrapping up, and soon we'll be preparing a bedroom for our new little guy. The kids are thinking 'safari' theme but I'm not convinced.

On a different note, today is Paul and my 13th anniversary! How time has flown. We talked at dinner with the kids about how much God has blessed us in just 13 short years. We've grown & changed & learned so much about each other. How incredible to think that 13 years ago there was no Noah, no Ella, no #3. Another very real life example about how God's timing is perfect ... and He is good!

Christmas is definetly in the air at our house. The tree is lit, the gifts are wrapped, we delivered gifts to a needy family last night, the parties have begun, a gingerbread house has been carefully constructed and there are only a few more days of school left. We even have a neighborhood family "las posadas party" coming up. These days are so much fun ... I wish the kids could stay at this age forever.


Daddys are so special

Friday night Paul took Ella to a Father/Daughter Winter Ball. A few weeks back he brought home a red rose, and asked her if she'd go with him. She literally counted down the days until the big night. She wanted her dress and shoes in a prominent place in her closet so she could see them at all times. She spent lots of time selecting JUST the right color nail polish. When the big day arrived, she rushed in the door after school and declared she needed to take a shower and start getting ready.

Needless to say, Ella was a beautiful daugher and Paul the perfect gentlement. They ate a wonderful meal, got a picture taken, indluged in the chocolate fountain and danced to lots of songs. It was a night she will remember for the rest of her life. What a blessing she has in her Daddy. How many little girls will go to bed tonight not even knowing who their father is? How many little girls long for a Daddy who notices them? How many little girls wish their Daddy thought they were beautiful? Not only does Ella have a Daddy who loves her, but she has one that will even put on a suit and tie, buy her a corsage, and escort her to a ball.

Way go to Paul. Your little girl is going to grow into a beautiful young lady who is confident in herself; mostly because she has a Daddy like you.