Spring is Here!

We've been busy with lots of spring fun around our house. Time to post some pics for all our "out of town" blog friends
spring break '09

Bryan checking on the new family bee hive

There's a rolly polly bug in there somewhere! I just love the pic of her cute little hand!


What's in a Name?

We are anxiously awaiting our court date on May 25. It's going to be here before we know it, but it still seems like a long ways off. We're in the process of making a few big decisions.

First there is the issue of #3s name. When he gets home, he'll need a name other than #3! His mother has given him a beautiful, Ethiopian name. It's very unusual in comparison with our American names, and we're concerned it might be a little too "out there". In our Dutch community, he's going to be so different to begin with, we want him to have a name that fits at least a little. That being said, his mother gave him his name, and for us to swoop in and change it seems disrespectful. So, we've decided to keep his given Ethiopian name, give him an American middle name, and most likely call him by his middle name. That way, when he graduates, gets married, signs documents, he'll have that part of his heritage. He can also choose to go back to his Ethiopian name if he wants to someday.

Because of that decision, we're in the process of choosing his middle name. It was a lot easier when it was just Paul and I choosing for Noah & Ella. Now we have 4 opinions to consider :) We're getting close, but it's a big decision we don't want to rush into.


May 25

We received word today that our case is scheduled to go to court in Ethiopia on May 25. This is where #3 will legally become our son. A lot has to happen for us to pass, but if and when we do, we're expecting to travel 4-6 weeks after a successful court date. Bottom line, we might have our new little guy running around here this summer. I better finish painting his room!!