Amharic Anyone?

There's a very good chance #3 will speak Amharic. I've bought a few phrasebooks, but was having a hard time figuring out how the pronunciations sounded. In the mail this week came "Simple Amharic for Adoptive Families". It's a book just for families like ours, who want a little help communicating with their kids. It comes with a CD, so this afternoon I spent a little time repeating after an Amharic speaking teacher. It didn't sound great, but I'm hoping with some time and maybe a little luck, I can learn a few important words that will help #3 with his transition. Ella has a big interest in it as well, so she's learning along with me. So far, we've learned the words for:

Yes: AH-o
No: i-AYE
Goodbye: Chow
Hello: Seh-LAHM (think Salami with out the "i")
Dog: WIH-shah

We really want to learn "I Love You" next, but it's a little tricky. We're sticking with easy words for now. Chow!


Hoping for a VDay surprise!

True confession time (don't worry ... it's nothing TOO personal!) Our paperwork has been "active" in Ethiopia since November 14. In my mind, I've been kind of hoping for a referral just in time for Valentine's Day ... exactly 3 months from Nov 14. Not sure why Valentine's Day ... not a big holiday at our house. I guess it just sounded good at the time, and honestly, it still does!

Seeing how it's 3pm on the day before VDay (which happens to be on a Saturday), I'd say I better re-adjust my wish to something more likely. Spring Break? Easter? Memorial Day? Thanksgiving?!?

We hung a few new pictures on a wall last week, and hung an empty frame so when the call DOES come, #3 can be included in our family pictures. We also bought a small photo album to fill with lots of pictures of us, to send as soon as we know who to send it to!

The call will probably happen when we least expect it ... so I might as well stop plotting and planning and wishing. Still .... it would be nice to get a call soon! After all, we've got a frame ready!