This week at school Noah is the "MVP". His teacher sets up a week for each student when they get to share with the class all kinds of cool things. A favorite CD to play during lunch. A devotion to share with their class. A poster with cool pictures about themselves. A guessing jar. A special "show" time. Along with that, a parent can write a letter to their child to be read. Here's what we wrote....

Dear Noah,

There are so many things your Dad and I love about you.
We love your kind and generous heart.
We love your desire to obey God and your parents.
We love how your smile reaches all the way up to your eyes.
We love how you think about others, and have a lot of courage to stand up for what is right.
We love how you are a leader out on the ball diamond and football field. You never give up. We love that!

I like to tell you this “story”. I hope it doesn’t embarrass you, but even if it does, I think every one of your friends needs to hear it too. Because I bet their parents feel the same way about them.

If God lined up a million kids in front of us …. Some of them short, some tall, some with really big muscles, some who never disobeyed or talked back to their Mom. Some really really good at reading with perfect AR scores every time. Some who got all 25 words right on their spelling test every week. Some beautiful piano players. Some future NLF stars. Some future preachers and scientists and astronauts. And then if God said … “You can pick any of these kids to be yours.” We would look and look and look until we found YOU. There is only one of you Noah. And God gave YOU to US. We think we got the best “pick” of all!! You might not be perfect, but we would choose you every single time. You are going to make mistakes and mess up and not always do what we like. But, we would still chose you every single time. No matter what. We love you and are proud of you and are so thankful every day that you are our son.

Love Mom and Dad