I so Happy Mom!

It's a cold, rainy day in Michigan today. Felmata and I spent part of the morning snuggled under the fleace blanket, reading books. About 5 minutes into our snuggle, he looked up at me with those big bright eyes and said...

"I so happy Mom"!

I so happy too Felmata ... What a joy you are to me.


3 Months

Fall has arrived in West Michigan, and for a child from Ethiopia ... It's COLD! Almost every day Felmata steps outside these days he says "MA! Isss coooold!" Oh sweet boy, you have no idea. He loves reading books about snow, it looks so fun. I'm afraid some of the joy of snow is going to be diminished by the sheer brutality of the wind/ice/sleet that is surely on it's way.
We were treated once again by my parents to a fun weekend away at a cottage. The highlight of this for Felmata (besides for all the great family time) was the chance to go fishing. He caught 2 fish, and it was pretty clear he had done that before. It is so strange to not know what your child has experienced in his earlier life. I suppose this is a feeling I should be getting used to, but I'm not sure I ever will. It's not natural to not know about your child's earlier years. As Felmata's English improves, we are beginning to get clearer glimpses into his early life. He tells us certain things about Ethiopia. But, he's only 3, so I know a lot of those memories will fade and be lost forever. I hate that! Maybe that's why I'm trying to capture as much as I can of his new life here in America.
We continue to be amazed at the progress Felmata is making. He is learning colors, shapes, letters and their sounds, and lots and lots of English words. He is beginning to get much pickier about food, goes to bed like a champ and loves loves loves his brother and sister. Each morning before school, he insists on praying by the back door with Noah and me before Noah leaves for the bus. If he hates anything, it's being left out.

It's now officially 3 months since Felmata joined our family, but to be honest, it feels like he's been a part of us for much longer than that. I thank God every day for the love He has placed in my heart for this child of His.