Touchdowns, Cartwheels & Balloons

I sometimes get sick of saying "WOW! What a busy week we had". I try so hard to create a home and schedule for Paul and the kids that isn't busy, but rather refreshing, rejuvinating, and restful. And yet, what a busy week we've had! I'm beginning to realize that even though we are a busy family, we are busy with good things, and so I'm starting to adjust my expectations a bit. When I look into their eyes, I still see light, peace and joy. So, we're going to keep on keeping on, and enjoying stuff as it comes.

It is fall, and at our house that means Football and Soccer!

Ella played her first game of the season on Tuesday. The "Candy Bashers" had a great first game. Ella had a lot of fun. I think the highlight for her was the cartwheels she perfomed in the goal. Ahh, Ella. She does not have her brother's competitive nature, but she sure knows how to have fun. She's the kind of kid who really believes it's not about winning or losing, but it's about having a good time that matters most.

Which brings me to Noah. He had his 1st football game of the season on Saturday. The "Mud Dogs" won 12 -6 and Noah scored one of the touchdowns for the team. His first ever ... and hopefully not his last. I can not even explain the joy on his face as he ran across that line. This kid loves sports with every part of his being. He also loves to win! He was awake at 6:30 Saturday morning thinking about the game. It's fun to see him so dedicated and passionate about something. The lessons he has learned and is learning on and off the field/s will do him well someday.

Bedtimes at our house have quieted down! Praise God for that! I can not put into words how big of a victory this past week has been. We have finally found the "formula" for Felmata, or maybe he's just learning to trust us more? Whatever it is, we've now gone 7 nights successfully with no screaming, no fits, just a simple bedtime routine with a book, prayers, kisses and the closet light on. Can I hear a hallelujah!!!!!

I got to have a little fun this week, too! For Christmas, Paul's employees gave us a hot air balloon ride. The pilot called this week and wondered if we could make it on Saturday. We said "yes" ... and last night we went up for the first time ever in a balloon. What a blast! It was so peaceful and relaxing and even a little romantic. It was so great to get away from the house and kids for a night, and focus on each other and have some fun. I don't blog about Paul very often but he is the absolute love of my life and if I could pick anything to do on any particular day it would be to spend time with him. I am blessed beyond words!

So there you have it. A few pictures from the last week. I'm choosing not to blog about the 2 bouts of ring worm we've had to battle this week ... thanks Ethiopia! ... or the "time out rug" that has been added to our home ... maybe some other time!


Good-Bye Summer ... I Will Miss You!

I really do love every season of the year. (OK, maybe not winter!) And as much as every season has to offer (except for winter), summer has become my favorite. What's not to love about it? There's the farmer's market twice a week with fresh, homegrown veggies and fruits and beautiful boquets of flowers (for only $6!!). There's ice cream and watermelon and burgers on the grill. I'm pretty sure when I'm old and alone the memory of the smell of sunscreen on my sweet children will make me long for them to be little again. We love to boat, and beach and sit in chairs with sand between our toes drinking cold beer with good friends. I love my flowers and the tomatoes in my garden and reading good books. Summer is way too short and now it's over. And I kinda miss it already.

We had a good Labor Day Weekend. But now that is over with too. Onto Fall ... I'll enjoy it ... attitude is everything right?!? But I'm going to post a few pictures of the final summer holiday, so that when the snow is flying this winter I can look back and remember that winter turns into spring and spring turns into summer and summer is oh so good.