No Go...

We did not pass court today. Judah's birth mom did appear in court and gave her conset, which is a very good thing. Most likely she will not have to appear again. We are so thankful for this! The court requested additional documents and our agency is checking into what exactly this means. We'll know more soon, but feel good about the fact that they've already scheduled another court date for June 10. This is also good news.

While we're disappointed, we're confident that God's timing is perfect. We're just really anxious to go get our little boy.

We spent the day on the beach, and here's a pic of what was on our minds!


growing ... maybe?

Our agency sent us updated measurements this week. Back in March Judah was 93 cm and 13 kg (about 28 pounds). He was measured last week and is now reported to be 90 cm and 14 kg (about 31 pounds). So, while he's grown, apparently he's shrunk too. I laughed out loud when I read the email, as this is such a good example of how the adoption journey seems to be. I'm quite confidant he didn't actually shrink, but in Africa their use of numbers and ours is quite different. It's all good. I just smile when I think of how God has used this journey to teach me what really matters, and how little of my life I'm actually in control of!

We were also sent a few more pictures of him. Wow is this child ours! He has a smile that lights up my entire computer screen, and his eyes have a twinkle in them that must be from God himself. After we pass court I'll be able to post his picture on this sight, and you can see for yourself what I'm talking about.

We also received confirmation that he received the care package we sent. My heart beats a little faster when I think of him opening the photo book we put together, and imagining how his mind must be trying to imagine life in with us. We pray every day that God will be preparing him for all that lies ahead. I am trusting that God has us on this journey for a reason, and just like He is so good at doing, He's preparing all of us right now for what lies ahead.

On Monday, that's 5 days from now!, our case will go before a judge in Ethiopia and we're praying all goes well. We are trusting God's timing, whatever that might be, but also know if the timing is NOW we will be thrilled! We can hardly wait to bring this precious child home!


longing for lilacs

Not much in life is sweeter than the scent of lilacs in May. Driving around town this week I've begun to notice the beautiful, lavendar flowers blossoming on enormous bushes just about everywhere. Their scent almost takes my breath away. When I spot a bush, I need to stop and breathe them in. There's something in me that feels hope, joy, a sense of well-being; all from smelling a lilac.

We don't have any lilac bushes in our yard, but there's a vacant lot behind our house where I have been known to sneak a few flowers each spring. I ventured over this afternoon, hoping to snag a few, and to my dismay there were hardly any flowers on the branches. The bush is getting old. Each year it produces less and less flowers. I only had the heart to cut one flower off.

Hopefully I'll find another bush to glean from, but even if I don't, my one lone lilac flower has brought me joy already. And so many reminders. I am abosultely in love with a God who would create lilacs, all for the simple purpose of reminding me that He is good (even when life is not), that He is faithful (even when I am not) and that because of His love for me I can have hope, joy and a sense of well-being.


Tulip Time in Holland

Call me a nerd, but I LOVE Tulip Time in Holland! I love the flowers, the visitors, the parades, the costumes and all the energy. The junk food isn't bad either! I'm Dutch Dancing this year so I get downtown lots of times throughout the week. Ella loves to come with me and wear her costume as well. This year I'm dancing with my sister Julie for the first time ever! I had to switch to a boy to do it, but now I have 2 costumes which is kind of fun.

Today my Dad, sisters, neice, the kids and I scrubbed streets in the parade (my Mom was on 'water patrol' at their house ...long story). We had so much fun. This tradition goes back as far as I can remember into my early childhood. My parents dressed us up each year and we participated in the annual street scrubbing. It's fun to carry on the tradition with my kids.

Happy Tulip Time to all my fellow bloggers! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


20 days from today

The countdown has begun! 20 days from now, on May 25th, our adoption case will be in the courts of Ethiopia. All our documents will go before a judge, and if all goes well, #3 will legally become our son. A lot has to go "right" for us to be approved. Our agency will be there to represent us and make sure all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed. We won't be traveling to Ethiopia until we have passed court and have been given an embassy date. That usually takes place 4-6 weeks after we pass court.

Lots of preparations are taking place around our house.

The kids and us have finally agreed on a name ... Judah. We are hopeful it will serve him well throughout his life. The name Judah is a Biblical one; it means "praised one". The strongest, most determined, most obedient tribe of Israel was called Judah and Jesus came from the line of Judah. Plus, it's easy to say, sounds a bit like his Ethiopian name and we all agree it's super cute.

We're putting the finishing touches on Judah's bedroom. The painting is completed! Noah & Ella got their way, no surprise there!, and there is a giraffe (actually 2!) on 1 of the walls. I'll post pictures as soon as we get the furniture moved back in.

We've begun the gift buying process. While in Ethiopia, so many people we'll meet and talk with will have played an integral role in our new son's life. It seems natural to arrive with small tokens of thanks. Our agency does a great job preparing us for what types of gifts are appropriate, how many we'll need, etc but to sit down and be creative, without being excessive, is a little more difficult than I had thought it would be. I love to give gifts, but giving gifts to people I've never met in an environment I can't imagine, has been hard. I'm so thankful for those who have "gone before us" and all their recommendations. I know already our trip will be better because of all of them and their great tips and advice.

We are counting down to May 25th, and praying for success! Each day that passes our hearts are getting more and more eager to go get that little sweetie, and bring him HOME!