Schools out for SUMMER!

Can you hear the song in your head?? I've been humming it all morning! At 11:30 today; my 2 kids will have completed another year of school. Schools out for summer! Yippeee!

I have never understood the moms that dread this day. It used to be so exciting when it was me getting let out for summer, and I still get that same excited, "I've got the world by the tail", feeling. I know that kids home all summer intrudes on my time. It intrudes on my clean house. My grocery budget has to be increased (drastically!). BUT, I get to spend long, lazy afternoons at the pool. Or the beach! I can put my alarm clock away for 3 whole months! I don't have to nag about homework. I get to take advantage of the "fun stuff" I am blessed to be able to do.

Yup ... I'll have to mediate arguments. I'll have to nag about the chore chart. I'll have to bite my tongue and not say what I'd LIKE to say when I hear those dreaded words ... "I'm bored". But along with all of that, I'll get to spend extended time with and pour into the lives of 3 of the most important people in my life. They really do grow up so fast, and I'm going to try and enjoy every moment of our moments together.

I'll need to re-read this post in a few days when the nostalgia wears off. Probably several times a day! And soon enough you'll probably witness me rolling my eyes, or not being patient, or forgetting that I was excited to have them home ALL. THE. TIME. They will drive me crazy and I will drive them crazy and I'll be equally excited for school to start in September ... BUT, for today at least, I'm giddy with excitement that schools out for summer!