One Year Later...

One year ago we were attempting to adjust to our new family of 5. Felmata was dazed and excited and exhausted by this new place called "America". So much has changed in just one short (okay ... sometimes super long) year!

Felmata prefers peanut butter sandwhiches with NO CRUSTS over injera (an ET staple)

Felmata loves dogs. In particular, one adorable welsh terrier named Edi.

Felmata has a sister and brother he adores. He thanks God for them often. The best part is ... the feeling is mutual!

Felmata has a daddy who reminds him often that he'll never leave our family.

Felmata has neighbor friends and school friends and church friends who think he rocks!

Felmata is fluent in the English language. He can recognized all the letters ... and their sounds!

Felmata has grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles and cousins who love him like he's always been part of our family.

Felmata knows he is wanted. He is loved. He was chosen. He will never be abandoned again.

Felmata has hope for a future.

Felmata knows who Obama is and finds great joy in the fact that the leader of the free world has "brown skin".

Felmata can ride a 2 wheel bike with no training wheels. Although stopping is an issue, it doesn't matter to him!

Felmata has a Mom who is humbled and honored and amazed at the fact that she gets to be a part of his life.

Here we are one year ago outside of the orphanage in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. So much has changed! We are excited for what the next year has in store for this amazing child who has brought so much joy into our home!


Well Rested

We were once again blessed to spend a week up in northern Michigan with our extended family.
We did lots of beach time, lots of pool time, lots of lawn games, lots of catching up, lots of laughs, lots of eating. It was fun to spend time with our family. The kids had a blast being with their cousins for a whole entire week. Felmata wants to know why we can't move to Manistee and live there forever!
We are well rested and ready to continue summer full speed ahead.

I'm posting a few pictures from our week. I promised the rest of the family I would use pics of them for "personal use only" which does not include my blog! I can say this much ... we had 10 adults and 10 kids under the age of 10, with one more on the way. We were a loud bunch!