2 new neices

In my last post (just yesterday for those of you keeping track!) I did not mention that I became an Aunt twice this summer. I didn't mention it because it deserves it's very own post.
My younger sister Julie had a very sweet, very cuddly, very healthy Macy RuthAnne this July. She is content and happy and oh so beautiful. Seriously beautiful. I am not one of those people who thinks every baby is cute. Macy is. For sure. Macy is one blessed little girl for a lot of reasons but one of the biggest is that she has an older sister Elise. Another little girl I love to death. Also beautiful. Also content and happy and very very sweet. Although she is in her twos now and has some opinions. But I love that too. Girls who are strong and even a little demanding make me smile. It will serve them well later in life.
Macy has a sister Elise. I can not think of a better way to start out life than with a sister. She is one blessed little girl.
My youngest sister, Abby also had a baby this summer. Sweet little Avery Leanne (Lea after Jessica LEA and Anne after Julie ANNE) was due to arrive mid November. She made her entrance into the world this August. For those of you who know anything about babies, you know that being born at 26 weeks gestation is NOT a good thing. For those of you who know anything about my God, you know that He is a God who answers prayers. And in the case of Avery He has answered in incredible ways.
It has been uplifting and encouraging and just plain wonderful to watch Abby & Mike's families and friends and coworkers, and even complete strangers bring this little girl before the Lord. She is stable and growing and holding her own. Another little girl who is blessed beyond belief. The nurses in DeVos NICU have actually called her feisty at times. I like that too. It's pretty obvious she's going to take after her mother.
Two new neices to love. Two little girls who will call me "Aunt Jess". Two new people to sit around Bush Family Lunch on Sundays. I'm not sure it can get any louder, but I have a feeling Avery and Macy will prove me wrong. Life is so fragile. It's so unpredictable. And it's also very very beautiful.

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Love you, Jess. Love this post.